Tanker and Rescue head North

This afternoon just after 4 crews from Halifax (Station 29) were alerted for a structure fire. First arriving units found fire on the charlie side and starting progressing a line there. As they were pulling the initial attack line the fire took hold of the structure and began to rapidly spread. Command called for an additional alarm bringing Tanker 37 to the scene. As crews continued to work the fire the Rescue company was called upon to cover company 29’s as well as the Engine from company 32. Once water was established and more manpower became available the first in companies made a quick stop of the fire.

After clearing the scene the Tanker joined units transferred into company 29. Units remained on stand by until shortly after 10.


Standby and AFA for the City

Today the company was alerted to standby for the city of Harrisburg as they worked a first alarm structure fire. Engine 37 went on standby and shortly after were alerted to the 1-3 box for a commercial fire alarm. The Engine responded with four and were placed in service by the city shortly after returning.

Fire in the First Due

After starting the morning with a mutual aid fire, units were dispatched to the 37-5 box for a reported residential structure fire. Chief 84 and Chief 37-1 arrived on location reporting a working basement fire spreading rapidly vertically through the structure and requested a first alarm assignment. Engine 32 took the first in engine with Engine 31 picking up the hydrant. Engine 37-1 came around the other way and brought secondary water. Crews made an aggressive attack and made a quick knock on the fire. Crews from the township as well as 35 remained on location and performed overhaul before the box was placed in service. Good job by all! Thanks to Dustin Weese for the photos

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Fire in Dauphin

Courtesy of Dustin Weese

Just after 1 am crews were hit out for the 38-4 box (Dauphin Middle-Paxton) calling for the tanker for a reported structure fire. While still responding Engine 38 was advised it was a working fire and requested the first alarm assignment adding Engine 37 to the box. Crews arrived and found a limited access driveway and a quickly advancing fire. Working together crews from three counties quickly brought the fire under control and remained on location until shortly after 4 doing over haul. Click the link above for some video from Dustin Weese.

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Mutual Aid City of Harrisburg

Engine 37 is currently operating on Chestnut Street in the city. Shortly after being put on standby status for the city who was operating a structure fire, crews were hit out for a second working structure fire bringing county units including the engine to the scene. Control has been marked and command is holding units for overhaul.


Township Companies Respond

This afternoon companies were dispatched for a Motor Vehicle Accident in company 31 (Edgemonts) first due. Units arrived to find a single vehicle accident with a vehicle over an embankment and a fatality. Do to the terrain crews went to work rigging line systems for the first responder’s as well as investigators. Crews remained on location a little over an hour before going available.

Command: Chief 31

Units: E31, E32-1, A31, R37, C84