AFA in the 37-2 Box

This morning the company was hit out for a commercial fire alarm in the 37-2 box. While in route Chief 37-2 was advised there was a large amount of smoke in the building upgrading the box to a structure box. Crews from 37, 32, 38 and Cumberland 20 went to work as crews investigated. Upon investigation it was determined the smoke was from an exterior source and crews cleared the box.

Chief 37-2 with the command


Box 84-2 / Interstate 81

Crews from Rescue Fire Company, along with Company 32 and 33 respond today to a single vehicle accident with roll over and entrapment. Crews from all three companies extracted the victims and assisted with patient packaging.





Another Steady day for 37

Today was another busy day for the company, with medical assists, a boat call and a structure fire the members were staying steady.
Starting the day with a medical assist AED call, we later were called for a lift assist.
This afternoon the company was able to put some of the rural water training to use when the 38-6 box was struck for a residential structure fire. The Tanker arrived on location first reporting smoke showing from the bravo side. Laying a supply line up the driveway the Engine arrived next and set up the nurse. Crews from Companies 38,37,32, 35, 36, and CC20 made a quick knock on the fire and held to the area of ignition. Chief 38 had the command with Chief 38-3 as operations. Pictures courtesy of Craig Billman.
After cleaning up from the structure fire the company was dispatched for an residential fire alarm followed by a boat call to the city of Harrisburg.

38-4 38-42

Tanker responds Mutual Aid to Perry County

Last night the tanker was dispatched to assist Perry County company 6 (Marysville) with a working house fire. The tanker responded with two, with Capt. Fagan at the wheel. The crew remained on location until control was marked before being released by command.

tankerper Tankerper2

A view of our future


Yesterday, after our morning call, crews decided to wash and wax all the rigs. We took the time to place 37 units in locations “if” the new addition was complete. We even had some people stop by to get a tour of the station and apparatus. Last night EngineĀ 37 also assisted Linglestown Fire Company at their annual fireworks display.

The Public Safety Building addition will begin construction this month. Thanks again to all members, citizens and Commissioners in their belief in the project and Rescue Fire Company.

Lastly, As the holiday unfolds please remember to act responsibly at home, driving and on the water


Busy Day in and around Susquehanna Twp.

Today was a busy day for the members of Rescue Fire Company. As of 20:00 Rescue Fire company responded to 7 calls since 09:59 this morning.
At 09:59 Engine Co 37 / Rescue 37 responded to 904 Roberts Valley Road for a gas leak, Engine 37 w/ Chief 37-1 onboard arrived to find that a road crew had accidentally struck a gas line, the area was monitored with negative readings of CO found in nearby residences. UGI responded and took control of the scene. Engine 37 and Rescue 37 were out for about 45 minutes, Chief 37-1 had command.
At 16:50 Rescue 37 was alerted to assist HFD with an auto accident with reported entrapment at 14th & Derry, Rescue 37 responded with 3 and was placed in service by Wagon 4 during response.
While returning from the HFD-4 box Rescue 37 along with Engine 37 and Cumberland County Engine / Squad 20 were alerted to Interstate 81 North on the bridge for an auto accident, Box 84-11. Rescue 37 responded immediately with 3, Engine 37 responded with 5. Crew’s arrived to find a 3 vehicle MVC with all minor injuries. Fluids were controlled and crews assisted EMS with patient packaging. Engine 37 OIC (J. Logan) had command 84. While clearing the MVC, Engine 37 was requested to respond to a 38 box to replace Engine 38 on a tree fire at Harrisburg Country Club, Engine 37 was placed in service during response.
At 1828 Engine 37 was alerted to Box 32-6 for an Automatic Fire Alarm, Engine 37 responded promptly with 5 and was placed in service during response.
At 1851 Box 37-6 was dispatched for an automatic fire alarm and then at 2135 Tanker 35 was dispatched on the first alarm assignment to Box 35-1 for a reported commercial structure fire, reported smoke from a building by a passerby. Tanker 37 responded immediately, the box was downgraded during response and then placed in service shortly after by Chief 35.
Rescue Co 37 members also went to Company 32 tonight for a training session.