Interstate 81 Crash

Rescue 37 along with Engine 37-1 responded to assist Company 32 with a single vehicle crash on Interstate 81, just north of Exit 69. Company 32, also assisted by Company 33, arrived to find heavy entrapment, and was able to stabilize the vehicle and extricate the victim to be transported by STEMS.


Busy Day at Station 37

Members had a busy day at Station 37, as the company had it’s annual aerial / ground ladder testing, and throughout the day ran several calls, including an assist with a Box 38-5 call on the Susquehanna River, for a boat in distress, and a couple of AFA’s. All of the calls were minor in nature, with nothing being found during the boat in distress call.



Busy Start for 2016

Rescue Fire Co. Started the 2016 year with a total of 62 runs, and the month of February seems to be heading in the same direction. Company 37 started the day with an early morning AFA, and then a transfer to Company 29. Shortly after returning from their transfer, Company 37 was hit for a structure fire in their 37-6 Box, which is currently under investigation.

The members would like to thank the members of Company 29, for making our transfer assignment comfortable, and also for providing a hot lunch.



Winter Storm Hits Central PA

As many of the companies in Dauphin County, Company 37 responded to it’s share of calls today, assisting EMS with patient care and clearing paths for EMS. Company 37 also responded to a possible structure fire in the 37-1 Box, on Montrose. Once Engine 37 was put in service, crews found that the chimney was clogged with snow.

Chief 37-2 had command


Rescue Fire Company – 2016 Officers

Election / Appointment 2016 Officers

The Rescue Fire Company of Susquehanna Township has elected and appointed the following members into office for the year of 2016

• President • Erik Toth
• Vice President • Mark Boland
• Treasurer • Ronald Gutshall
• Financial Secretary • Joey Rosito
• Recording Secretary • Krista Rodkey

• Ronald Eichelberger • Trustee
• Dale Quigley • Trustee
• Patty Quigley • Trustee
• Marvin Reist Sr. • Trustee
• Nick Wachter • Trustee

• Rod Calhoun • Chief
• Scott Young • Assistant Chief 37-1
• Greg Rogalski • Assistant Chief 37-2
• Joe “Chub Rock” Fagan • Captain 37
• James Fuhrman • Lieutenant 37
• Robert Johnson • Lieutenant 37-1
• Nick Wachter • Lieutenant 37-2
• Michael Mihalo • Engineer

Box 37-6 MVA with Injuries

Company 37 along with STEMs and STPD responded to a MVA on 2300 Linglestown Rd. in front of Giant. Crews from the Rescue assisted with patient care, and fluid control, clearing the scene shortly after their arrival.

Chief 37-2 had command.
R-37, E-371, STEMs & STPD