Box 37-5 / Trench Rescue

Company 37 responded today to a Trench Rescue in the 37-5 Box. Company 37 was assisted by Company 32, which secured the area, making the necessary precautions for the rescue. Life Team, STEMS, HFD and Rescue 1 were called in to assist. Chief 37-1 took command, while HFD Chief and his Staff took operations, as Rescue 1 handled the Technical Rescue. The patient was flown by Life Lion.


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Heavy Rescue Training Event

Members from Rescue 37 attended a Heavy Rescue Exercise, hosted by West Hanover Fire Co. 36 and Triple K Fleet Services. Since many of the companies attending handle accidents on the Interstates, that run through our first due areas, the focus of the training involved 18 wheelers versus passenger vehicles. Crews from Linglestown, West Hanover, Rescue Fire Co., Hershey, Union Deposit and Maytown had an opportunity to work with variety of equipment carried on the attending rigs.

The members of Rescue Fire Company would like to extend their gratitude to West Hanover and Triple K for the invite and opportunity to further their skills.








Dauphin 22/322 Crash

Crews from Rescue 37 headed to Dauphin to assist Company 38 with an Extrication on 22/322.





37-1 Box – MVA

Rescue Fire Company was dispatched today to an accident with entrapment in the 37-1 Box at Green and Esterton Streets. Crews arriving on the scene found no entrapment but did assist EMS and controlled fluids. Crews were in service for 20 minutes.

Engine 37, Rescue 37, Chief 37, Chief 371, STPD and STEMS responded to the crash.



Structure Fire in 38-5 Box

Engine 37 and Tanker 37 responded to Fishing Creek Valley Rd. to assist Company 38 with a structure fire. Engine 37 arrived first on the scene and reported to Dauphin County, heavy smoke from the structure. Once inside, crews found a microwave unit, and small refrigerator have started the fire, with extension into the wall.

Crews removed the units, handled the extension along with ventilation of the structure, holding the event to minor damage.

Units Dispatched. C35, E37, E38, L32, R38, T35, T37, T38, TC20


Rescue requested by PD.

Today, the Susquehanna Township PD requested Rescue 37, to respond for a public assist call, to extricate an adult cat from a storm drain. Crews arrived, and with the use of air from a SCBA cylinder, placed at the other end, they were able to coax the cat to safety.

During this extrication, no firefighters or cats were harmed.