MVA – Box 37-1

Crews from Company 37 responded to a MVA with injuries in the area of N. Front St. and Parkway, early Sunday morning. Rescue 37 and Engine 37-1 responded along with Chief 37 and units from STEMS.



Trick or Treat!

Company 37 will be out in the community Thursday October 29 to hand out candy and visit with the residents of Susquehanna Township. If you see one of our rigs, please stop by and say hello.

For young children, Halloween night is one of the best of the year. But trick-or-treating can be dangerous if kids and parents aren’t careful. Take a look at some vital trick-or-treating tips before you accompany your child.


1. Plan a route in advance.
Trick-or-treating could take you several streets away from your house, which can cause sore legs and a bit of frustration. Avoid long paths by mapping out a route before leaving the house. Stick to paths that you and your child are familiar with to avoid getting lost.

2. Wear comfy shoes.
Make sure you and your children are in comfortable, well-fitting shoes. Girls in dresses should avoid heels, and all shoelaces should be double-tied to avoid tripping in the dark.

3. Stay well-lit.
Apply reflective tape to your child€™s costume to ensure they are seen by drivers on the road. Also, carry a flashlight with you to keep your child’s path lit at all times.

4. Make sure all costumes are short.
Long costumes that drag on the ground can be dangerous, especially at night. After purchasing your child’s costume, make sure it’s an appropriate length, and hem anything that’s too long to avoid tripping.

5. Avoid masks.
Masks can make it difficult for your child to see or breathe. If possible, skip the mask altogether and use non-toxic make-up to complete the costume instead.

6. Use flexible props.
Try to avoid costumes that have weapons as accessories. But if your child’s costume won’t be complete without a weapon, make sure it is rubber or plastic. Choose a prop that won’t cause injury to your child or their friends.

7. Check your childs candy.
When sorting through candy at the end of the night, be sure to throw away any candy that is not in its original wrapper, or looks as though it has been opened.

Rescue 37 Assists Company 38 with Vehicle Rool-Over

Rescue 37 was dispatched to assist Company 38 with a vehicle roll-over. Lt-37 was first to arrive on the scene and reported one patient with confindment. Crews from both Company 38 and 37 secured the vehicle and the patient was extricated through the door. Chief 38 had command and both companies were assisted by Life Team for EMS along with Susquehanna PD and PA State Police.


MVA – Box 37-2

Rescue 37 and Engine 37-1 along with Squad 37 and Chief 37-1, responded to a 3 vehicle crash at Linglestown Rd. and Sixth Street, just around the rush hour tonight. Chief 37-1 took command and had the crew from the Rescue attend to an extrication assignment, along with patient care. The Engine crew was assigned to control fluids.

STEMS and South Central EMS assisted Rescue Fire Company with patient care and transport. Susquehanna PD was also on the scene, handling traffic control and accident investigation.



Search/Rescue Detail in Fishing Creek Valley

Rescue 37 headed to Fishing Creek Valley to assist Company 38 on a Search/Rescue Detail to extricate a hiker that had fallen in the mountain. Crews had a difficult task navagating through the rocky terrain to reach the victim and remove him from the mountain. Company 38 was assisted by Rescue 37 and Life Team EMS.




Fire Prevention at Station 37 2

Today, Rescue Fire Company hosted a visit and tour at Station 37-2. The young Pre – K students had an opportunity to both view and participate.